Ombudsmen (Protection of Name) Amendment Bill

  • enacted
5 Section 28A replaced (Protection of name)

Replace section 28A with:

28A Protection of name


A person may not use the name “Ombudsman” in connection with any business, trade, or occupation or the provision of any service, whether for payment or otherwise, or hold themselves out to be an Ombudsman unless—


the person is an Ombudsman appointed under section 3 of this Act; or


the person is appointed by the Chief Ombudsman under section 11 of this Act as an officer or employee holding a position with a title that includes the word “Ombudsman”; or


the person has been permitted by the Minister to use that name.


The Minister may only give permission under subsection (1)(c) to—


a department named in Part 1 of Schedule 1:


an organisation named in Part 2 of Schedule 1.


A person who contravenes this section commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000.


In this section, Minister means the Minister of the Crown who, under the authority of any warrant or with the authority of the Prime Minister, is for the time being responsible for the administration of this Act.