Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon James Shaw

Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 3 amended (Purpose)
5Section 3A amended (Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi))
6Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
7New section 4A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
4ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
8New Parts 1A to 1C inserted
5AClimate Change Commission established
5BPurposes of Commission
5CCommission is Crown entity
5DMembership of Commission
5EProcess for appointment of members of Commission
5FEstablishment and membership of nominating committee
5GRole of nominating committee
5HMatters Minister must have regard to before recommending appointment of member of Commission
5IMembers’ term of office
5JCommission’s functions
5KReports to Government
5KATabling and publication of Commission’s reports
5LMatters Commission must consider
5NCommission must act independently
5NAObligation to maintain confidentiality
5OTarget for 2050
5OAReview of inclusion of emissions from international shipping and aviation in 2050 target
5POther 2050 target reviews
5QRecommendations to amend 2050 target
5RGovernment response to target review recommendations
5TPurpose of this subpart
5UDuty of Minister to set emissions budgets and ensure they are met
5VContents of emissions budgets
5WHow emissions budgets are to be met
5XCommission to advise Minister
5YMinister’s response to Commission
5ZMatters relevant to advising on, and setting, emissions budgets
5ZAPublication of emissions budgets
5ZBWhen emissions budgets may be revised
5ZCPower to bank or borrow
5ZDRequirement for emissions reduction plan
5ZECommission to advise on emissions reduction plans
5ZFMinister to prepare and make emissions reduction plan publicly available
5ZGCommission to monitor progress towards meeting emissions budgets
5ZHCommission to report annually on results of monitoring
5ZICommission to report at end of emissions budget period
5ZJEffect of failure to meet 2050 target and emissions budgets
5ZK2050 target and emissions budget are permissive considerations
5ZLGuidance for departments
5ZMNational climate change risk assessment
5ZNPreparation of national climate change risk assessment
5ZPMinister must prepare first national climate change risk assessment
5ZQNational adaptation plan
5ZRNational adaptation plan must be presented to Parliament and made publicly available
5ZSProgress reports on national adaptation plan
5ZUMinister must respond to progress report
5ZVMinister or Commission may request certain organisations to provide information on climate change adaptation
5ZWRegulations relating to requiring provision of information
9New Schedule 1AA inserted
10Section 99 amended (Obligation to maintain confidentiality)
12Sections 224 and 225 repealed
13Amendments to other enactments
14Notice revoked
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: