Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill

  • enacted
6 Section 4 amended (Interpretation)


In section 4(1), insert in their appropriate alphabetical order:

2050 target means the emissions reduction target set in section 5O

biogenic methane means all methane greenhouse gases produced from the agriculture and waste sectors (as reported in the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory)

Climate Change Commission and Commission mean the Climate Change Commission established under section 5A

emissions budget means the quantity of emissions that will be permitted in each emissions budget period as a net amount of carbon dioxide equivalent

emissions budget period means a 5-year period for the years 2022 to 2050, as specified in section 5U(3) (except that the period 2022 to 2025 is a 4-year period)

emissions reduction plan means a plan for achieving an emissions budget prepared in accordance with sections 5ZD to 5ZF

gross emissions means New Zealand’s total emissions from the agriculture, energy, industrial processes and product use, and waste sectors (as reported in the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory)

net accounting emissions means the total of gross emissions and emissions from land use, land-use change, and forestry (as reported in the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory), less—


removals, including from land use, land-use change, and forestry (as reported in the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory); and


offshore mitigation

New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory means the annual inventory report under Articles 4 and 12 of the Convention and Article 7.1 of the Protocol, prepared in accordance with section 32(1)

offshore mitigation means emissions reductions and removals, or allowances from emissions trading schemes,—


that originate from outside New Zealand; and


that are expressed as a quantity of carbon dioxide equivalent; and


that are robustly accounted for to ensure that, among other things, double counting is avoided; and


that either—


represent an actual additional, measurable, and verifiable reduction or removal of an amount of carbon dioxide equivalent; or


are an emissions trading scheme allowance that triggers the reduction of carbon dioxide equivalent

Paris Agreement means the agreement adopted in Paris on 12 December 2015, and includes any amendments that are, or will become, binding on New Zealand from time to time

publicly available, in relation to a document or information, means that the document or information is available at all reasonable times, free of charge, on an Internet site


In section 4(1), replace the definition of emissions with:



in relation to Parts 1A and 1B, means emissions of greenhouse gases; but


in relation to an activity listed in Schedule 3 or 4, means carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of greenhouse gases from the activity


In section 4(1), replace the definition of removals with:



in relation to a removal activity, means carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gases that are, as a result of the removal activity,—


removed from the atmosphere; or


not released into the atmosphere; or


a reduction from emissions reported in—


New Zealand’s annual inventory report under section 32 as required under the Convention or Protocol for any year; or


any emissions report from New Zealand under a successor international agreement; and


in Part 1B and the definitions of net accounting emissions and offshore mitigation, means greenhouse gases that are removed from the atmosphere