Electoral Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Andrew Little

Electoral Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 60 amended (Who may vote)
5Section 83 amended (Application for registration)
6Section 88 amended (Applications received after issue of writ)
7Section 98 amended (Removal of names from roll by Electoral Commission)
8Section 99 amended (Notice of alterations to roll)
9Section 109 amended (Dormant roll)
10Section 123 replaced (Copies of rolls for Returning Officer)
123Copies of rolls, etc, for Returning Officer
11Section 139 amended (Contents of writ)
12Section 151A amended (Interpretation)
13Section 155 amended (Power to appoint polling places)
14New section 155A inserted (Use of licensed premises as polling places)
155AUse of licensed premises as polling places
15Section 163 amended (Ballot box to remain closed during poll)
16Section 174 amended (Preliminary count of votes cast in polling place)
17Section 195 and cross-heading replaced
195AAAMeaning of unforeseen or unavoidable disruption
195Adjournment of poll on polling day
195AAlternative voting processes to respond to polling disruption
195BMatters Chief Electoral Officer must have regard to when exercising discretion under section 195 or 195A
195CDeferral of release of information about result of preliminary count of votes at polling place if close of poll delayed
195DInterfering with or influencing voters at resumed poll
18Related amendments to Electoral Regulations 1996
19Regulation 12 amended (List of late enrolments)
20Regulation 21 amended (Issue of special voting papers)
21Regulation 27 amended (Voting by special voter)
22Regulation 36 amended (Duties of Electoral Commission)
23Regulation 49 amended (Parcels of spoilt ballot and voting papers, and other papers)
24Regulation 52 replaced (Allowance or disallowance of votes of members of Defence Force)
52Allowance or disallowance of votes of members of Defence Force
25Regulation 64A amended (Parcels of unused and spoilt ballot and voting and other papers)
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: