Land Transport (Rail) Legislation Bill

  • enacted

Hon Phil Twyford

Land Transport (Rail) Legislation Bill

Government Bill



3Amendments to Land Transport Management Act 2003
4Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
5New section 5A inserted (Meaning of rail activity)
5AMeaning of rail activity
6Section 6 amended (Meaning of land transport revenue)
7Section 9 amended (The Crown’s authority to incur certain land transport expenses and capital expenditure)
8Section 10 amended (National land transport fund)
9Section 16 amended (Form and content of regional land transport plans)
10Section 19C amended (Content of national land transport programme)
11New sections 22A to 22G and cross-heading inserted
22AKiwiRail must prepare rail network investment programme
22BMinister must decide whether to approve rail network investment programme
22CAgency must advise on rail network investment programme
22DRail network investment programme may be varied during its currency
22EMinister may approve funding of rail network investment programme activities
22FAgency must advise on rail activities to be funded
22GKiwiRail must use specified procurement procedure for delivering certain activities
11ASection 95 amended (Functions of Agency)
12New section 102A inserted (Monitoring and reporting on rail activities approved under section 22E)
102AMonitoring and reporting on rail activities approved under section 22E
13Section 105 amended (Regional transport committees)
14New section 105A inserted (KiwiRail representation on regional transport committees)
105AKiwiRail representation on regional transport committees
105AKiwiRail representation on regional transport committees
14AAmendment to Goods and Services Tax Act 1985
15Amendments to Land Transport Act 1998
16Section 168 amended (Regulations relating to fees and charges for land transport)
17New section 168AA inserted (Certain orders are confirmable instruments)
168AACertain orders are confirmable instruments
17New sections 168AA and 168AAB inserted
168AALand transport revenue to be paid into national land transport fund
168AABCertain orders are confirmable instruments
18Amendment to Legislation Act 2012
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: