Financial Market Infrastructures Bill

  • enacted
141 Conditions relating to disclosure of information


The RBNZ may, by written notice to a person to whom any information or document is disclosed published or disclosed under section 139(2)(c), (e), or (f)), impose any conditions in relation to the disclosure or publication, disclosure, or use of the information by the person.


The RBNZ must, in considering what conditions to impose, have regard to whether conditions are necessary or desirable in order to protect the privacy of any individual.


Conditions imposed may include, without limitation, conditions relating to—


maintaining the confidentiality of anything provided (in particular, information that is personal information within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1993 as defined in section 7(1) of the Privacy Act 2020):


the storing of, the use of, or access to anything provided:


the copying, returning, or disposing of copies of documents provided.