COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Bill

  • enacted
18 General provisions relating to invitations given under clause 17(2)


The A panel must specify in its invitation that written comments on a consent application or notice of requirement must be received by the EPA on behalf of the panel on a specified date (which must be 10 working days after the date on which the invitation was is given under clause 17(2)).


The invitation must include notice of the consent application or notice of requirement, with details as to how to access the consent application or notice of requirement.


An iwi authority invited to provide comments under clause 17(2) may—


share the consent application or notice of requirement with hapū whose rohe is in the project area proposed in the application or notice; and


choose to include comments from that hapū with the comments provided to the panel by the iwi authority.


Written comments may be returned to the EPA by electronic means.


The EPA must forward copies of any comments received under this clause to the consent applicant or requiring authority.


The panel is not required to consider any comments received after the time specified in the invitation, but may do so, in its absolute discretion, as long as the panel has not issued its decision.


There is no right for any person to seek a waiver of the time limit for written comments to be received by the EPA.