Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Bill

  • enacted

Hon Chris Hipkins

Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Bill

Government Bill



5Transitional, savings, and related provisions
6Act binds the Crown
8Meaning of discloser
9Meaning of protected disclosure
10Meaning of serious wrongdoing
11Discloser’s entitlement to protection
11ASupporting information
12Guidance: what receiver should do
13Discloser’s entitlement to disclose further
14Receiver may decide no action is required
15Receiver may refer disclosure
16AProtecting confidentiality under Privacy Act 2020
17Protecting confidentiality by withholding official information
18Obligation not to retaliate or treat less favourably
19No retaliation by employer
20No victimisation
21Immunity from civil, criminal, and disciplinary proceedings
22No contracting out
23Meaning of appropriate authority
24Schedule 2 may be amended by Order in Council
25Special rules for intelligence and security information
26Special rules for international relations information
27Public sector organisations must have internal procedures
28Role of Ombudsmen in providing information and guidance
29Information about internal procedures
30Ombudsmen may escalate protected disclosure to Minister or investigate disclosure
31Ombudsmen may take over some investigations or investigate together with public sector organisation
32Ombudsmen may review and guide investigations by public sector organisations
33Ombudsmen may receive reports on investigations and include information in annual report
34Chief Ombudsman may appoint persons to perform Ombudsman’s functions under this Act
35Ombudsmen’s functions and powers
36Other protections not limited
37Legal professional privilege
38Consequential amendments
39Repeal of Protected Disclosures Act 2000
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: