Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill

  • enacted

Hon Kris Faafoi

Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 3 amended (Purpose of this Act)
5Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
6Section 5 amended (Terrorist act defined)
7New sections 5A and 5B inserted
5ACarrying out and facilitating terrorist acts
5BTransitional, savings, and related provisions
8Section 6A amended (Terrorist act)
9New section 6B inserted (Terrorist act: planning or other preparations to carry out)
6BTerrorist act: planning or other preparations to carry out
10Section 8 amended (Financing of terrorism)
11Section 9 amended (Prohibition on dealing with property of, or derived or generated from property of, designated terrorist entity)
12Cross-heading above section 10 amended
13Section 10 amended (Prohibition on making property, or financial or related services, available to designated terrorist entity)
14Cross-heading above section 11 amended
15New section 13AA and cross-heading inserted
13AAProviding or receiving weapons training or combat training for terrorist purposes
16New section 13F and cross-heading inserted
13FTravelling intending to commit specified offence
17Section 14 amended (Offences also apply in certain cases outside New Zealand)
18Section 15 amended (Offences apply to acts outside New Zealand by New Zealand citizens or on New Zealand aircraft and ships)
19Section 17 amended (Further acts outside New Zealand to which financing of terrorism applies)
20Section 18 amended (Offences also apply to acts outside New Zealand if alleged offender is in New Zealand and is not extradited)
21Section 25 repealed (Carrying out and facilitating terrorist acts)
22Section 28 amended (Further notification of making of designation)
23Section 34 amended (Revocation of designations)
24Section 43 amended (Suspicions that property owned or controlled by designated terrorist entities to be reported)
25Section 44 amended (Nature of suspicious property report)
26Section 47 amended (Protection of identity of persons making reports)
27Section 47A amended (Detention of goods suspected to be terrorist property)
27ASection 47B amended (Return of cash necessary to satisfy essential human needs)
28Section 47C amended (Further provisions about detention under section 47A)
29Section 57 amended (Further provisions relating to orders under section 55)
30Section 68 amended (Attorney-General to communicate outcome of prosecution)
31Section 69 amended (Offences deemed to be included in extradition treaties)
32Cross-heading above section 74 amended
33Sections 76 to 80 and cross-headings repealed
34New Schedule 1AA inserted
35New Schedules 4D and 4E inserted
36Schedule 5 amended
37Amendments to Search and Surveillance Act 2012
38Section 15 amended (Entry without warrant to find and avoid loss of evidential material relating to certain offences)
39Section 16 amended (Searching people in public place without warrant for evidential material relating to certain offences)
40Section 17 amended (Warrantless entry and search of vehicle for evidential material relating to certain offences)
41Section 48 amended (Surveillance device warrant need not be obtained for use of surveillance device in some situations of emergency or urgency)
42Amendments to Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Act 2019
43Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
44Section 6 amended (Meaning of relevant person)
45Section 7 amended (Duty to have regard to specified aspects of evidence relied on)
46New section 8A inserted (Meaning of terrorism-related New Zealand offence)
8AMeaning of terrorism-related New Zealand offence
47Section 12 amended (Power to make)
48Section 15 amended (Application for interim control order)
49Section 16 amended (Application for final control order)
50New sections 16A and 16B inserted
16AApplication for interim control order in respect of relevant offender
16BApplication for final control order in respect of relevant offender relevant person
51Section 21 amended (Service of control order)
52Section 25 amended (Duration)
53Section 29 amended (Expiry if relevant person sentenced to long-term sentence)
54Section 38 amended (Review of Act)
55Schedule 2 amended
56Consequential amendments to other enactments
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: