COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2)

  • enacted

Hon Chris Hipkins

COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2)

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 3 amended (Repeal of this Act)
5Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
6Section 10 amended (Director-General may make COVID-19 orders)
6Section 10 replaced (Director-General may make COVID-19 orders)
10Director-General may make COVID-19 orders
7Section 11 replaced (Orders that can be made under this Act)
11Orders that can be made under this Act
8New section 11A inserted (Compensation or payment relating to requisitions)
11ACompensation or payment relating to requisitions
9Section 12 replaced (General provisions relating to COVID-19 orders)
12General provisions relating to COVID-19 orders
10Section 13 amended (Effect of COVID-19 orders)
11Section 21 amended (Power to give directions)
12Section 22 amended (Power to close roads and public places and stop vehicles)
13Section 26 replaced (Offences relating to compliance with orders)
26Offences and infringement offences
14Section 27 amended (Offences relating to exercise of enforcement powers)
15Section 28 amended (Proceedings for infringement offences)
16Section 32B amended (MIQF costs subject to recovery)
17Section 32C amended (Criteria for cost recovery)
18Section 32E amended (Persons in respect of whom prescribed charges payable)
19Section 32F amended (Exemptions, waivers, and refunds)
20Section 32G amended (Payment of charge)
21Section 32H amended (Express authorisation for purpose of section 65K of Public Finance Act 1989)
22New subpart 3B of Part 2 inserted
32KChief executive responsible for operation of managed isolation allocation system
32LApportionment between allocations
32MOnline allocations
32NOffline allocations for individuals and groups
32OAmendment and cancellation of allocations
32PRestrictions on movement within MIQFs or other places of isolation or quarantine
32QChief executive may make rules
32RPower to seize and hold things
32SComplaints process relating to management of MIQFs
32TPersons in respect of whom charges are payable to provide contact details
23Section 33 replaced (Regulations)
24Section 33A amended (Regulations relating to cost recovery)
25New sections 33B and 33C inserted
33BIncorporation of material by reference in COVID-19 orders
33CAvailability and proof of material incorporated by reference
25ANew section 34A inserted (Protection of contact tracing information)
34AProtection of contact tracing information
26Schedule 1 amended
26AConsequential amendments to secondary legislation
27Principal Act
28Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
29Principal Act
30Schedule 14 amended
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: