Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill

  • enacted


101 Members and staff of TF board and TF authority, members of Māori Advisory Group, and members of advisory committees to maintain secrecy


The members of the TF board, members of the TF authority, members of the Māori Advisory Group, members of any advisory committee, and staff of the board or the authority (whether they are public service employees or not) must maintain secrecy in respect of all matters that come to their knowledge in carrying out their functions under this Act.


Despite subsection (1), the members of the board (acting together as the board) and the members of the authority (acting together as the authority) may


disclose any matters that in their opinion ought to be disclosed for the purpose of giving effect to this Act:


disclose to the Minister or the chief executive of the responsible department matters necessary to be disclosed to them in order for them to carry out their functions under this Act.


Except where necessary for the purposes of a referral under section 71 or prosecuting an offence under this Act, subsection (2) does not extend to


any disclosure that might prejudice


any interest protected by section 7 of the Official Information Act 1982:


the prevention, investigation, or detection of offences:


any matter that might involve the disclosure of the deliberations of Cabinet.


Nothing in this section limits any obligations under the Privacy Act 2020 or the Official Information Act 1982, or any power to gather information under an enactment.

Compare: 2020 No 31 s 206