Te Rohe o Rongokako Joint Redress Bill

  • enacted

Hon Andrew Little

Te Rohe o Rongokako Joint Redress Bill

Government Bill



Ngā kōrero
4Provisions to take effect on settlement date
5Act binds the Crown
7Interpretation of Act generally
10Declaration of overlay classification and the Crown’s acknowledgement
11Purposes of overlay classification
12Effect of protection principles
13Obligations on New Zealand Conservation Authority and Conservation Boards
14Noting of overlay classification in strategies and plans
15Notification in Gazette
16Actions by Director-General
17Amendment to strategies or plans
20Effect of overlay classification on overlay area
21Termination of overlay classification
22Exercise of powers and performance of functions and duties
23Rights not affected
24Regulations for management of customary fishing
26Mataikona property
27Wairarapa Moana property
28Mākirikiri property
29Properties vest subject to or together with interests
30Vesting of share of fee simple estate in property
31Registration of ownership
32Application of Part 4A of Conservation Act 1987
33Matters to be recorded on records of title
34Application of other enactments
35Names of Crown protected areas discontinued
36Application of other enactments to reserve properties
37Joint management board for Mākirikiri property
38Chairperson and deputy chairperson of joint management board
39Quorum of joint management board
40Subsequent transfer of reserve land in Wairarapa Moana property
41Transfer of reserve land in Wairarapa Moana property to new trustees or custodian trustee
42Reserve land in any reserve property not to be mortgaged
43Saving of bylaws, etc, in relation to reserve properties
44Statutory Board established
45Purpose of Statutory Board
46Functions of Statutory Board
47Membership of Statutory Board
48Qualifications of members
49Resignation or discharge of members
50Vacancies in membership
52Procedures and meetings of Statutory Board
53Quorum of Statutory Board
54Voting of Statutory Board
55Committees of Statutory Board
56Appointment of committee members
57Qualifications of committee members
58Resignation or discharge of committee members
59Vacancies in membership of committee
60Procedures and meetings of committee
61Committee for natural resources established
62Membership of committee for natural resources
63Appointment of members of committee for natural resources
64Quorum of committee for natural resources
65Voting of committee for natural resources
66Meeting in person or by electronic means
67Time when certain notices received
68Alternative members of Statutory Board or committee for natural resources
69Expenses of Statutory Board and committee for natural resources
70Statutory Board or committee not organisation or committee of local authority
71Dispute referred to dispute resolution
72Initial meeting to resolve dispute by agreement
73Mediation of dispute
74Role of mediator
75Parties must participate in dispute resolution
76Preparation and approval of document
77Document has 3 parts
78Requirements for document
79Combined process for parts of document
80Requirements for overarching vision and desired outcomes document
81Preparation and approval of overarching vision and desired outcomes document
82Public notice of draft overarching vision and desired outcomes document
83Submissions on draft overarching vision and desired outcomes document
84Approval of overarching vision and desired outcomes document
85Public notice of overarching vision and desired outcomes document
86Review and amendment of overarching vision and desired outcomes document
87Delegation to committee of Statutory Board
88Requirements for reserves management plan
89Preparation, approval, and review of reserves management plan
90Requirements for natural resources document
91Preparation of draft natural resources document
92Public notice of draft natural resources document
93Submissions on draft natural resources document
94Approval of natural resources document
95Public notice of natural resources document
96Assistance for committee for natural resources
97Review and amendment of natural resources document
98Effect on local authorities
99Effect on Director-General
100Effect on Minister of Conservation
101Conservation areas declared local purpose reserves
102Reserve reclassified as local purpose reserve
103Statutory Board is administering body of Wairarapa Moana reserves
104Administering reserves vested (or partly vested) in the Crown
105Administering reserves not vested in the Crown
106Statutory Board has some powers delegated by Minister under Reserves Act 1977
107Financial provisions for Wairarapa Moana reserves
108Interests in land for Wairarapa Moana reserves
109Interests that are not interests in land
110Existing improvements may remain
111Determination and notice of consent applications for existing improvements
112Wellington Regional Council may retain and operate existing Development Scheme
113Liability of Crown
114Liability of Statutory Board and trustees
115Liability of Councils
116Assistance towards liability of Statutory Board
117Operational management of Wairarapa Moana reserves and Wairarapa Moana marginal strips
118Annual planning meeting of Statutory Board
119Annual operational management programme for Wairarapa Moana reserves and Wairarapa Moana marginal strips
120Minister or Statutory Board may authorise fishing in Wairarapa Moana reserves
121Council-owned reserve may become Wairarapa Moana reserve
122Statutory Board is manager of Wairarapa Moana marginal strips
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: