Self-contained Motor Vehicles Legislation Bill

Hon Stuart Nash

Self-contained Motor Vehicles Legislation Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note
3Principal Act
4Section 3 amended (Outline of Act)
5Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
6Section 5 amended (Meaning of freedom camp)
7Section 6 amended (Meaning of local authority area)
8New section 6A inserted (Meaning of NZTA land)
6AMeaning of NZTA land
9Sections 8 and 9 replaced
8Meaning of LINZ land
9Transitional, savings, and related provisions
9AAct binds the Crown
10Section 10 replaced (Where freedom camping permitted)
10Where freedom camping in local authority area permitted
10ABylaws declaring NZTA land to be local authority area
11Section 11 amended (Freedom camping bylaws)
12New sections 11A and 11B inserted
11ABylaws permitting camping in motor vehicles that are not self-contained
11BRequirements relating to bylaws made under sections 10A to 11A
13Section 13 amended (Review of bylaws)
14Section 15 amended (Where freedom camping permitted)
15Section 17 amended (Freedom camping notices)
16Section 18 amended (Public notification of freedom camping notices)
17New subpart 3 of Part 2 inserted
19AWhere freedom camping on LINZ land permitted
19BFreedom camping notices applying to LINZ land
19CRequirements relating to notices published under section 19B
18Section 20 replaced (Offences)
20Infringement offences relating to local authority areas
20AInfringement offences relating to conservation land
20BInfringement offences relating to LINZ land
20COther infringement offences
20DStrict liability offences
20EPenalties for infringement offences
20FOffence to discharge certain substances
20GOffence to interfere with enforcement officer
19Section 21 repealed (Strict liability offences)
20Section 22 amended (Defences to offences)
21Section 23 repealed (Penalties)
22New cross-heading above section 24 inserted
23Section 24 amended (Offenders liable for cost of damage)
24Section 26 amended (Who proceedings may be commenced against)
25Section 27 replaced (Issue of infringement notices)
27Who may serve infringement notices
27AHow to serve infringement notices
27BForm of infringement notices
26Section 29 amended (Rental service agreement may provide for payment of infringement fee)
27Section 31 amended (Entitlement to infringement fees)
28Section 32 amended (Appointment of enforcement officers by local authorities)
29Section 33 amended (Appointment of enforcement officers by Director-General)
30New section 33A inserted (Appointment of enforcement officers by chief executive or commissioner)
33AAppointment of enforcement officers by chief executive or commissioner
31Section 35 amended (Enforcement officers may require certain information)
32Section 36 amended (Enforcement officers may require certain persons to leave local authority area or conservation land)
33Section 38 amended (Requirements relating to seizure and impoundment of boats, caravans, and motor vehicles)
34Section 39 amended (Return of property seized and impounded)
35Section 40 amended (Disposal of property seized and impounded)
36Section 42 amended (Relationship of this Act with other enactments)
37Section 43 amended (Regulations)
38Section 45 amended (Evidence in proceedings)
39New Schedule 1AA inserted
40Schedule 2 amended
41Principal Act
42Section 3 amended (Purposes of this Act)
43Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
44New Part 2A inserted
87APurpose of this Part
87BInterpretation of this Part
87CBoard may appoint self-containment certification authority
87DDuration of appointment as self-containment certification authority
87EBoard may reappoint self-containment certification authority
87FBoard may prescribe requirements for motor vehicle inspections
87GBoard must consult before making notices
87HNotices under section 87F must be approved by Minister
87IComplaining about self-containment certification authority
87JProcedure if Board deciding whether to accept or decline complaint
87KBoard may conduct investigation on own initiative
87LProcedure if Board investigates complaint or matter
87MPowers of inspection to investigate complaint
87NConditions on use of powers of inspection
87OInformation received from Registrar of Motor Vehicles
87PWhen Board may take disciplinary action under section 87Q
87QDisciplinary action Board may take in relation to self-containment certification authority
87RBoard must give self-containment certification authority reasonable opportunity to be heard
87SMiscellaneous provisions concerning actions under section 87Q
87TAppointing motor vehicle inspectors
87USelf-containment certification authority may issue certificate of self-containment
87VSelf-containment certification authority may renew certificate of self-containment
87WSelf-containment certification authority may revoke certificate of self-containment
87XForm of certificate of self-containment
87YWhat to do with certificate of self-containment and warrant card
87ZRegister of self-contained motor vehicles
87ZAPurpose of register
87ZBMatters to be contained in register
87ZCApplication of certain sections about register of plumbers, gasfitters, and drainlayers
87ZDSelf-containment certification authority must enter matters in register
87ZEEnforcement officer may enter matters in register
87ZFAccess to information on register
87ZGSearching the register
87ZHWhen search constitutes interference with privacy of individual
45Section 125 amended (Other offences)
46New section 125A inserted (Offences relating to regulating self-contained motor vehicles)
125AOffences relating to regulating self-contained motor vehicles
47Section 137 amended (Functions of Board)
48Section 172 amended (Regulations)
49New sections 172A to 172C inserted
172ARegulations relating to fees and charges for appointment as self-containment certification authority
172BLevy of owners of motor vehicles with certificate of self-containment
172CRequirements before making certain regulations
50Principal Act
51Schedule 4 amended
52Principal Act
53Section 2 amended (Interpretation)

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: