Inspector-General of Defence Bill

38 Inspector-General may make order protecting privacy or confidentiality


The Inspector-General may make an order prohibiting the publication, broadcast, distribution, or other disclosure of—


any matter that is the subject of, or otherwise relates to, an investigation or assessment:


any information, document, or other thing provided, to the Inspector-General in the course of an investigation or assessment, or any report of the information, document, or other thing:


the name of a person participating in an investigation or assessment or other details likely to lead to the person’s identification:


a finding, recommendation, or other decision of the Inspector-General relating to an investigation or assessment:


a report of an investigation or assessment:


a decision of the Minister relating to an investigation or assessment.


Before making an order under this section, the Inspector-General must be satisfied that the matter or other thing covered by the order is sensitive, or that its public disclosure would—


breach its security classification; or


be likely to prejudice the Inspector-General’s ability to carry out an investigation or assessment.


A prohibition imposed by an order under this section may be permanent or for a period specified in the order.


An order under this section does not apply to a report or programme published under section 21, 53, or 54, or anything included in such a report or programme.