Sustainable Biofuel Obligation Bill

Hon Dr Megan Woods

Sustainable Biofuel Obligation Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note
3Purpose of this Act
4Outline of this Act
6Transitional, savings, and related provisions
7Act binds the Crown
8Persons to whom this Act applies
9Fuel on which biofuel obligation is based
10Biofuel obligation
11Emissions intensity reduction percentages
12Alteration of emissions intensity reduction percentages for 2026 onwards
13Regulations declaring what are sustainable biofuels
14Regulations made under section 13(1): additional matters
15Certification schemes
16Obliged persons may bank or trade excess reductions
17Obliged persons may borrow reductions
18Minister may approve increase in reduction borrowed to 20% or less
19Provisions applying to all flexibility measures
20Functions of EPA under this Act
21Obliged persons must keep and retain records
22Obliged persons must provide administrative information to EPA
23Obliged persons must provide annual reports
24EPA must publish certain information
25Offence for failure to provide information or documents when required
26Knowingly providing false or misleading information
27Application of certain provisions of Climate Change Response Act 2002
28Sharing information
29Obligation to maintain confidentiality
30Civil pecuniary penalty order for contravening biofuel obligation
31Strict liability
33Amount of pecuniary penalty
34Considerations for court in reducing civil pecuniary penalty
35Court must order that recovery from civil pecuniary penalty be applied to EPA’s actual costs
36Rules of civil procedure and civil standard of proof apply
38EPA may accept undertakings
39Obliged person must provide other information
40Form, manner, and content of information
42Consequential amendment to other enactment

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: