Spatial Planning Bill

Hon David Parker

Spatial Planning Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note
4How regional spatial strategies promote integration
5Tiriti o Waitangi
6Protected customary rights in common marine and coastal area
7Iwi and hapū responsibilities in relation to te taiao
9General transitional, savings, and related provisions
10Transitional, savings, and related provisions for upholding Treaty settlements, NHNP Act, and other arrangements
11Act binds the Crown
12Every region must have regional spatial strategy
13Where regional spatial strategies are not required
14Geographical boundaries of regional spatial strategies
15Scope of regional spatial strategies
16General contents and form of regional spatial strategies
17Contents of regional spatial strategies: key matters
18Contents of regional spatial strategies: other matters of sufficient significance
19Level of detail in regional spatial strategies
20Statutory acknowledgements attached to regional spatial strategies
21Te Ture Whaimana
22How regional spatial strategies are prepared and adopted
23When regional spatial strategies may be adopted or amended
24General considerations: instruments
25General considerations: other matters
26Planning documents prepared by customary marine title groups
27Protected Māori land
28Quality of evidence and other information
29Incorporation of information from natural and built environment plans
30Regional planning committees must adopt process
31Process must support quality decision-making
32Process must encourage participation
33Process must comply with Māori participation arrangements
34Process must contain key steps
35Process may include hearings
36Minister responsible for Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004 must be notified
37Purpose of engagement agreements
38When engagement agreements must be initiated
39Initiation and formation of engagement agreements
40Form and contents of engagement agreements
41When engagement agreements end
42Establishment of cross-regional planning committees
43Cross-regional spatial strategies
44Minor or technical amendments
45Amendments directed by national planning framework
46Regional spatial strategies must be renewed every 9 years
47Regional spatial strategies must be reviewed if national planning framework amended or replaced
48Regional spatial strategies must be reviewed if there is significant change in region
49Policy for determining if there is significant change
50Review of provisions incorporated from cross-regional spatial strategies
51Public notice of reviews
52Implementation plans must be prepared and adopted
53Consultation on implementation plans and agreement of responsible persons
54Contents of implementation plans
55Review of implementation plans
56Reporting on implementation plans
57Implementation agreements
58Minister may require information
59Minister may investigate and recommend
60Minister may direct amendment to regional spatial strategies
61Ministers may direct review of regional spatial strategies
62Minister may direct that other action be taken
63Minister may make grants and loans
64Duty to assist regional planning committees
65Rights or interests in freshwater and geothermal resources preserved
66Interests in land are not taken or injuriously affected by regional spatial strategies
67System performance
69Order in Council to amend Schedule 3
70Amendments to other Acts

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: