Conservation (Natural Heritage Protection) Bill

  • enacted

Jacqui Dean

Conservation (Natural Heritage Protection) Bill

Member's Bill


As reported from the Local Government and Environment Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Purpose

Part 1
Amendments to Conservation Act 1987

4 Principal Act

4A Section 27A amended (Nga Whenua Rahui kawenata)

4B Section 39 amended (Other offences in respect of conservation areas)

4C New sections 43C and 43D inserted

5 Section 44 replaced (Penalties)

6 Section 48 amended (Regulations)

Part 2
Amendments to National Parks Act 1980

7 Principal Act

8 Section 56 amended (Bylaws)

8A Section 60 amended (Offences in parks)

8B New sections 69A and 69B inserted

9 Section 70 replaced (Penalty for offences)

Part 3
Amendments to Reserves Act 1977

10 Principal Act

10A New sections 102A and 102B inserted

11 Sections 103 and 104 replaced

11A Section 123 amended (Regulations)

Part 4
Amendments to Wildlife Act 1953

12 Principal Act

12A Section 9 amended (Wildlife sanctuaries)

12B Section 14 amended (Wildlife refuges)

12C Section 14A amended (Wildlife management reserves)

12D Section 53 amended (Director-General may authorise taking or killing of wildlife for certain purposes)

12E Section 59 amended (Entry on land for purposes of Act)

12F Section 61 amended (Person in pursuit of wildlife to comply with demand by authorised officer)

12G Section 64 amended (Offences in relation to wildlife sanctuaries)

12H Section 65 amended (Other offences)

12I Section 66 amended (Offenders to give name and address to rangers, etc)

13 Section 67 amended (Penalties for offences in respect of marine wildlife)

14 Section 67A amended (Penalties for offences in respect of absolutely protected wildlife)

15 Section 67B replaced (Penalty for offence of liberating wildlife)

15A Section 67D amended (Penalty for offence of obstructing ranger)

15B Section 67F amended (Penalties for other offences)

15C New section 67I inserted (Penalties for offences committed for commercial gain or reward)

15D Section 72 amended (Regulations)

Part 5
Amendments to Wild Animal Control Act 1977

16 Principal Act

17 Section 39 amended (Penalties)

18 New sections 39A and 39B inserted

Part 6
Amendments to Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978

19 Principal Act

20 Section 9 amended (Offence to take marine mammal without permit)

20A Section 16 amended (Reporting of accidental death or injury)

21 Section 23 amended (Offences and penalties)

22 New section 23A inserted (Penalties for offences committed for commercial gain or reward)

23 New section 26A inserted (Sentence of community work)

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: