Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill

  • discharged on 11 May 2018

Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill

Member’s Bill


Explanatory note

General policy statement

There are occasions when the perception by the public, particularly with the introduction of Charter Schools, may be unclear as to whether the titles being used by individuals means that person is adequately qualified for them to have confidence in their professional judgement and practice.

Clarity around the use of the title of teacher is essential in order to avoid any misunderstanding by the public about the qualifications, registration status and professional oversight by the persons using the title of teacher.

The intent of this Bill is to lift the status of teachers by removing the ability of those who have not gained the qualifications above from representing themselves as “teachers” by using that title. With several amendments to the Education Act 1989 over recent years it is now possible to have individuals standing in front of our students who have no recognised teaching qualification – therefore they should not be able to use the title of teacher.

They may use other titles such as educator, lecturer, tutor, or whatever but the title of teacher must be restricted to those who have completed recognised qualifications. This will also provide a clear message for parents that the individual standing in front of their student has in fact trained and completed that training as a “teacher”.

Clause by clause analysis

Clause 1 is the Title clause.

Clause 2 provides that the Bill comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

Clause 3 provides that the Bill amends the Education Act 1989 (the principal Act).

Clause 4 amends section 348, an interpretation section, to add a new definition to be used in the amendment made by Clause 5.

Clause 5 amends section 374, which relates to offences, by replacing the offence specified in section 374(1)(b).

Jenny Marcroft

Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill

Member’s Bill


The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1 Title

This Act is the Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Act 2017.

2 Commencement

This Act comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

3 Principal Act

This Act amends the Education Act 1989 (the principal Act).

4 Section 348 amended (Interpretation)

In section 348, insert in its appropriate alphabetical order:

qualified, in relation to a person, means any one or more of the following qualifications:


a 3-year Bachelor of Education (Teaching);


a Bachelor’s degree and a 1-year Graduate Diploma of Teaching;


a 4- year conjoint degree (such as a BA/BTeach or BSc/BTeach) that combines study in teaching subjects with teacher training

5 Section 374 amended (Offences)

Replace section 374(1)(b) with:


not being a qualified and registered teacher, uses or permits to be used, in connection with the person’s name or business, the words “teacher”, or any words or initials intended or likely to make any other person believe that the person is a qualified and registered teacher; or