End of Life Choice Bill

  • enacted

David Seymour

End of Life Choice Bill

Member’s Bill



2APurpose of Act
4Meaning of person who is eligible for assisted dying or eligible person
4AMeaning of competent to make an informed decision about assisted dying
5Act binds the Crown
5AConscientious objection
6Effect of conscientious objection by attending medical practitioner
7Assisted dying must not be initiated by health practitioner
8Request made
9Request confirmed
10First opinion reached to be given by attending medical practitioner
11Second opinion reached to be given by independent medical practitioner
12Third opinion reached, if necessary to be given by psychiatrist if competence not established to satisfaction of 1 or both medical practitioners
13Negative decision made on requestOpinion reached that person is not eligible for assisted dying
14Positive decision made on requestOpinion reached that person is eligible for assisted dying
14AEligible person to choose date and time for administration of medication
15Lethal dose of medication chosenProvisional arrangements for administration of medication
16Lethal dose Administration of medication administered
17Death to be reported
18Destruction of prescription if no longer required
18ANo further action to be taken if person rescinds request to exercise option of receiving assisted dying
18BNo further action to be taken if pressure suspected
19SCENZ Group
20Review cCommittee
21Registrar (assisted dying)
21APersons to provide information to rRegistrar
21BMinister must present to House of Representatives copy of report under section 21
22Review of operation of Act
22AAttending medical practitioner to take no further action if coercion suspected
23Regulations prescribing forms
24Other rights and duties not affected
24AAdvance directive, etc, may not provide for assisted dying
24BWelfare guardians have no power to make decisions or take actions under this Act
25Effect on contracts of death under this Act
25ARestrictions on making public details of assisted dying deaths
26Immunity from criminal liability
26AImmunity from civil liability
27ADirector-General may approve forms
2828Amendments to other enactments
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: