End of Life Choice Bill

  • enacted
17 Death to be reported


Within 14 working days of a person’s death as a result of the administration of medication under section 16, the attending medical practitioner, or the attending nurse practitioner who provided or administered the medication on the instruction of the attending medical practitioner, must send the rRegistrar a report in the prescribed approved form containing the information described in subsection (2).


The information is—


the name of the attending medical practitioner’s name or attending nurse practitioner; and


the person’s name; and


the person’s last known address; and


the fact that the person has died; and


which of the methods described in section 15(3)(a) was used; and


a description of the administration of the medication; and


whether any problem arose in the administration of the medication and, if so, how it was dealt with; and


the place where the person died; and


the date and time when the person died; and


the name of the medical practitioner or nurse practitioner who was available to the person until the person died; and


the names of any other health practitioners who were present when the person died.


The rRegistrar must send the report to the rReview cCommittee.