Contempt of Court Bill

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Hon Andrew Little

Contempt of Court Bill

Government Bill



5Transitional, savings, and related provisions
6Act binds the Crown
14Offence to publish certain criminal trial information
15How court determines whether publication creates real risk of prejudice to right to fair trial
15AFurther provisions applying for purpose of section 14
16Judicial officer may cite disruptive behaviour
17Procedure for dealing with person cited for disruptive behaviour
18Further provisions applying for purpose of this subpart
19Jury members who investigate or research case are liable to fine
20Offence to disclose jury deliberations
21Exceptions to section 20
22Certain court orders and undertakings may be enforced
22AJurisdiction to take certain action under section 22
22BProvisions relating to fines and orders
23Application of Sentencing Act 2002 and Criminal Procedure Act 2011
23AProvisions relating to imprisonment imposed under section 22
24AOffence to publish false statement about Judge or court
24BFurther provisions applying for purpose of section 24A
25Power to make take-down order
28Judicial powers exercisable as often as necessary to control proceedings
29How this Act relates to other authority or power to punish for contempt of court
29AMaximum penalty and appeal rights for finding of contempt under inherent jurisdiction
29BReferences in other Acts to contempt of court
31Consequential amendments
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: