Improving Arrangements for Surrogacy Bill

Tāmati Coffey

Improving Arrangements for Surrogacy Bill

Member’s Bill



Explanatory note
3Amendments to Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2004
4Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
5Section 13 amended (Commercial supply of human embryos of human gametes prohibited)
6Section 14 amended (Status of surrogacy arrangements and prohibition of commercial surrogacy arrangements)
7New section 23A and cross-heading inserted
23AApproval of surrogacy arrangement for the purposes of surrogacy order
8Section 28 amended (Functions of ethics committee)
9New section 66A and cross heading inserted
66AAppointment of Surrogacy Registrar
66BFunctions, powers and duties of Surrogacy Registrar
66CFee for registration on the surrogacy register
66DDelegation of Surrogacy Registrar’s functions, powers, and duties
66EProtection for employees of Surrogacy Registrar
10Section 76 amended (Regulations)
11Amendments to Care of Children Act 2004
12Section 8 amended (Interpretation)
13Section 77 amended (Preventing removal of child from New Zealand)
14Section 77B amended (Orders under section 77(3)(c) may be suspended for specified period
15Section 78 amended (Contravening parenting or guardianship order)
16Section 80 amended (Taking child from New Zealand)
17New Part 2A inserted
124BArrangements between surrogates and intending parents
124CSurrogacy orders
124DContent and explanation of surrogacy orders
18Amendments to Status of Children Act 1969
19New section 22A and cross-heading inserted
22ARule about surrogacy arrangements
20Amendments to Child Support Act 1991
21Section 7 amended (Meaning of parent)
22Amendments to Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995
23Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
24Section 9 amended (Parents primarily responsible for notifying birth)
25New section 15AA inserted (Registration of details of donors of embryos or cells in surrogacy arrangements)
15AARegistration of details of donors of embryo or cells in surrogacy arrangements
26Amendments to Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration (Prescribed Information) Regulations 1995
27Regulation 2 amended (Interpretation)
28Regulation 3A amended (Notification of birth for registration)
29Social Security (Exemptions under Section 105) Regulations 1998 amended
30Regulation 2 amended (Interpretation)
31Regulation 3A amended (Exemption from obligations under section 60Q)
32Regulation 4 amended (Exemption from work test obligations: all work-tested beneficiaries)

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: