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This website is provided by the Parliamentary Counsel Office/Te Tari Tohutohu Pāremata. We draft and publish most New Zealand legislation.

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What we do

See the Parliamentary Counsel Office website for more information.

What we don't do

We are often asked for information we cannot provide:

  • We don't give legal advice, or explain the law, or give an opinion as to what law applies in particular circumstances.
  • We don't investigate possible breaches of the law.
  • We don't supply printed legislation—but you can order from Print Legislation via this website. See Ordering a commercial print: buy online and other options.

Who else may be able to help

The government agency that administers legislation in your area of interest may be able to help. The administering agency is usually named on the Act or Legislative Instrument's contents page. See Contacting government agencies.

If you don't know what law is relevant, or what agency to contact, or need agency contact details, visit for general information or for businesses.

For help with your specific situation, contact:

You may also want to contact a government Minister or your local Member of Parliament: see the New Zealand Parliament website.

If you want to comment on a Bill that is before a select committee, see Make a submission for a list of Bills that select committees are seeking submissions on, and for how to make a submission.

Contacting government agencies

The contact details for all government agencies are available from The agency that administers a particular Act or Legislative Instrument may be able to help with questions about that legislation.

Contacting the Parliamentary Counsel Office

To email us, please use the Feedback form (remember to include your email address if you wish to receive a reply).

Our postal address:
Parliamentary Counsel Office
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New Zealand

Phone +64 4 333 1000

If you have comments, questions, or complaints about this website or the Parliamentary Counsel Office, please get in touch with us using the details above. Or take a minute to complete our website survey (see below).

See also FAQ and other resources on the Parliamentary Counsel Office website for more information about legislation and the Parliamentary Counsel Office.

You can also use the New Zealand Relay Service (NZ Relay) to contact us. NZ Relay is a telecommunications service for people who are deaf, hearing-impaired, deaf-blind, or speech-impaired.

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