Patents Regulations 1954

157 Entries for examination and appointment of examiners


Any person desiring to present himself for examination in any subject shall notify the Commissioner and pay the fee prescribed in Schedule 1 not later than 1 February in the year in which he desires to be examined, or not later than such other day in that year (not being a day earlier than 1 February) as the Commissioner may advertise in the Journal.


On receiving such notice the Commissioner shall inform the Council of the New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys Incorporated, and the Commissioner and the Council shall jointly arrange the time and conduct of the examination.


The papers for the examination shall be set and marked by 2 examiners, of whom one shall be the Commissioner and one a registered patent attorney nominated by the Council.


If the 2 examiners cannot agree on any matter, the Commissioner and the Council shall jointly appoint a third examiner in respect of that matter, which shall be determined by the 3 examiners or by a majority of them.


If the Commissioner and the Council cannot agree on the appointment of a third examiner, the Minister shall appoint him.

Regulation 157: replaced, on 1 January 1973, by regulation 2 of the Patents Regulations 1954, Amendment No 2 (SR 1972/259).