Adoption Regulations 1959

13 Adoption order
  • (1) On an adoption order being issued or made the Registrar shall send to the applicants or their solicitor notice of the issue or making thereof in form 6 of the Schedule.

    (2) An adoption order shall be drawn up in form 7 or form 8 of the Schedule. The order shall be filed in the court, and no copy shall issue out of the court except by order of the court or of the High Court made on special grounds. Notice of the making or issue of the adoption order shall be given to the social worker.

    Regulation 13(2): amended, on 1 January 2004, by section 48(3) of the Supreme Court Act 2003 (2003 No 53).

    Regulation 13(2): amended, on 1 April 1972, pursuant to section 30(d) of the Department of Social Welfare Act 1971 (1971 No 60).