Traffic Regulations 1976

Version as at 5 April 2023

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Traffic Regulations 1976

(SR 1976/227)

Edward Denis Blundell, Governor-General
By his Deputy, Richard Wild

Order in Council

At the Government House at Wellington this 9th day of August 1976

His Excellency the Governor-General by his Deputy in Council


The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

These regulations are administered by the Ministry of Transport.

Pursuant to the Transport Act 1962, His Excellency the Governor-General, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, hereby makes the following regulations.


1Title and commencement
3Controlling authorities [Revoked]
3AMotorways [Revoked]
4Keeping to left of road [Revoked]
5Driving in lanes [Revoked]
6Route of driving at intersections marked in lanes [Revoked]
7Changing direction [Revoked]
8Overtaking [Revoked]
9Giving way [Revoked]
10Approaching and entering intersections [Revoked]
11Railway crossings [Revoked]
12Pedestrian crossings [Revoked]
12AShared zone [Revoked]
13Crossing where school patrol operating [Revoked]
14Driving on footpath [Revoked]
15Drivers’ signals [Revoked]
16Passing lanes [Revoked]
17Riding dangerously [Revoked]
18Places controlled by traffic signals [Revoked]
19Rules as to towing [Revoked]
20Use of doors [Revoked]
21Speed limits [Revoked]
22Stopping and following distances [Revoked]
23Temporary speed limits [Revoked]
24Accidents and emergencies [Revoked]
25Minimum-speed lanes [Revoked]
26Dangerous substances on roads [Revoked]
27Unsafe vehicles and loads [Revoked]
27AParticulars required to be notified and carried in respect of hazardous substances [Revoked]
28Emissions of smoke or vapour [Revoked]
29Noise [Revoked]
29AChildren under 5 years to be restrained in approved child restraints [Revoked]
30Children of or over 2 years but under 8 years to be restrained in child restraints or seat belts if available [Revoked]
30AChildren under 15 years to be restrained if in front seat [Revoked]
30BSeat belts to be worn by persons of or over 8 years [Revoked]
30CExemptions from requirements relating to use of child restraints and seat belts [Revoked]
31Safety helmets for motorcyclists [Revoked]
32Footrests [Revoked]
33Motor vehicles in convoy [Revoked]
34Loaded firearms [Revoked]
35Restrictions on stopping or parking vehicles [Revoked]
36Vehicles used for public work or trade purposes [Revoked]
37Use of motor-vehicle lights [Revoked]
37ADuties of drivers of light rail vehicles [Revoked]
38Carrying restrictions [Revoked]
38ASafety helmets for cyclists [Revoked]
39Towing restrictions [Revoked]
40Riding abreast [Revoked]
41Cycle tracks, footpaths, etc [Revoked]
42Lighting and reflector requirements for mopeds [Revoked]
43Lighting and reflector requirements for all cycles [Revoked]
44Lighting and reflector requirements for cycles manufactured on or after 1 January 1988 [Revoked]
44ABrakes [Revoked]
44BCareless riding [Revoked]
45Use of road [Revoked]
46Method of leading animal from ridden animal [Revoked]
47Lights [Revoked]
48Application of regulations 48B to 48F [Revoked]
48AInterpretation [Revoked]
48BRestrictions affecting vehicles [Revoked]
48CRestrictions affecting heavy passenger service vehicles [Revoked]
48DRestrictions affecting trailers [Revoked]
48ERestrictions affecting cycles, mopeds, and motorcycles [Revoked]
48FExemption in respect of road construction zones [Revoked]
48GRestrictions on towing of trailers by passenger service vehicles
49General approval for overdimension vehicles and loads [Revoked]
49ASpecific approval for overdimension vehicles and loads [Revoked]
50Flag to indicate excess dimensions [Revoked]
51Keeping to footpath [Revoked]
51AProvisions relating to light rail vehicles [Revoked]
52Using crossings [Revoked]
53Crossing roadway [Revoked]
54Entering crossings [Revoked]
55Loitering on crossings or in roadway [Revoked]
56Compliance with traffic directions [Revoked]
57Compliance with equipment requirements [Revoked]
58Headlamps (including all forward-facing driving lights) [Revoked]
59Forward-facing side lamps [Revoked]
60Rearward-facing side lamps [Revoked]
61Stop lamps [Revoked]
61AHigh mounted stop lamps [Revoked]
62Registration-plate illumination lamp and rear reflectors [Revoked]
63Direction-indicator lamps [Revoked]
64Additional lamps on heavy motor vehicles [Revoked]
65Auxiliary lamps [Revoked]
66Warning devices for disabled or stopped vehicles [Revoked]
67Special provisions as to lights on specialist vehicles [Revoked]
68Brakes [Revoked]
69Warning devices [Revoked]
70Steering [Revoked]
71Tyres [Revoked]
72Speedometer [Revoked]
73Windscreens and other glazing [Revoked]
73ALaminated windscreens [Revoked]
74Rear-vision mirror [Revoked]
75Sun visors [Revoked]
76Mudguards [Revoked]
77Dangerous fittings [Revoked]
77AAlternative fuel systems [Revoked]
78Fitting of seat belts to vehicles first registered between 1 January 1955 and 1 November 1979 [Revoked]
78AFitting of seat belts to vehicles first registered on or after 1 November 1979 [Revoked]
78BExemptions from requirements to fit seat belts [Revoked]
78CSeat belts to be kept secure and properly maintained [Revoked]
78DDefence of reasonable attempt to obtain or replace seat belt [Revoked]
79Television in motor vehicles [Revoked]
80Unsafe vehicles [Revoked]
81Exhaust system and silencer [Revoked]
82Means of entrance and exit [Revoked]
82AMopeds and motorcycles to be fitted with footrests [Revoked]
83Couplings [Revoked]
83AEvidence of vehicle inspection or certificate of loading [Revoked]
84Issue of warrants of fitness, certificates of fitness, certificates of loading, and permits [Revoked]
85Warrants or certificates of fitness to be displayed and vehicle standard maintained [Revoked]
86Current certificate or warrant of fitness to be delivered to purchaser on sale of motor vehicle [Revoked]
87Inspection of motor vehicles after accidents
88Approval of appliances, etc, by Agency [Revoked]
89Exemptions of certain motor vehicles [Revoked]
90Exemptions from equipment requirements [Revoked]
90AInterpretation [Revoked]
90BApproval of alternative fuel systems by Director [Revoked]
90CApproval of alternative fuel system for experimental purposes [Revoked]
90DVariation or revocation of approval [Revoked]
90ECertain persons authorised to install, inspect, and repair alternative fuel systems [Revoked]
90FDirector may authorise persons to install, inspect, and repair alternative fuel systems [Revoked]
90GAuthorised agencies [Revoked]
90HInstallation certificates [Revoked]
90IAlternative fuel cylinders [Revoked]
90JTesting of cylinders [Revoked]
90KIssue of inspection certificate [Revoked]
90LInspection certificate [Revoked]
90LAAlternative fuel systems to be safe [Revoked]
90MFees [Revoked]
90NOffences relating to identification of CNG and LPG fuelled vehicles [Revoked]
90OOffence relating to fuelling of CNG or LPG fuelled vehicle [Revoked]
90POffences relating to the fitting, repair, and testing of alternative fuel systems [Revoked]
90QOffence relating to identification of CNG or LPG fuelled vehicle [Revoked]
90RInterpretation [Revoked]
90SVehicle identification numbers [Revoked]
90TStructure of vehicle identification numbers [Revoked]
90UAssignment of vehicle identification numbers [Revoked]
90VStandards for compliance [Revoked]
90WReporting of vehicle identification numbers [Revoked]
90XInspection of vehicle identification numbers [Revoked]
90YVehicle identification number issuing authority [Revoked]
90ZInspection agents to issue vehicle inspection certificates [Revoked]
90ZARecovery of costs [Revoked]
90ZBExemption from requirement to have vehicle identification number [Revoked]
90ZCCorrection and re-marking of vehicle identification numbers [Revoked]
90ZDOffences [Revoked]
91Marking pedestrian crossings [Revoked]
92Lighting of pedestrian crossings [Revoked]
93Other indicators of the presence of a pedestrian crossing [Revoked]
94Unauthorised pedestrian crossings [Revoked]
95Removal of pedestrian crossings and indications thereof [Revoked]
96Prohibition of pedestrian crossings [Revoked]
96AMarking school crossing points [Revoked]
96BOther indicators of presence of school crossing point [Revoked]
96CUnauthorised school crossing points [Revoked]
96DRemoval of school crossing points and their indicators [Revoked]
96EProhibition of school crossing points [Revoked]
96FOther requirements for school crossing points [Revoked]
96GVariation of requirements for school crossing points [Revoked]
97Appointment of school patrols [Revoked]
98Duties of school patrols [Revoked]
99School-patrol signs [Revoked]
100School-patrol cone [Revoked]
101Uniforms [Revoked]
102Jurisdiction of teacher not affected [Revoked]
103Unauthorised patrols and signs [Revoked]
104Traffic islands [Revoked]
105Limit lines [Revoked]
106Warnings to be painted on road surface [Revoked]
106ACross-hatching may be marked on level crossing [Revoked]
107Lane-usage arrows [Revoked]
108No-stopping lines [Revoked]
109Special parking areas [Revoked]
110No-passing lines [Revoked]
111Non-conforming and undesirable islands and markings [Revoked]
112Dangerous traffic islands or devices [Revoked]
113Area controlled by traffic signals [Revoked]
114Supplementary traffic signals [Revoked]
115Traffic signal displays [Revoked]
116Green arrow signals [Revoked]
116ALight rail vehicle signals [Revoked]
117Traffic signal sequence [Revoked]
118Pedestrian-traffic signals [Revoked]
119Part-time traffic signals [Revoked]
119ADimensions of signals and symbols [Revoked]
120Non-complying and dangerous traffic signals [Revoked]
120AAdvance warning signals [Revoked]
121Classes of traffic sign [Revoked]
122Regulatory signs [Revoked]
123Parking signs [Revoked]
124Warning signs [Revoked]
125Pedestrian signs [Revoked]
126Information signs [Revoked]
127Vehicle-mounted signs [Revoked]
127AExperimental traffic signs overriding traffic signals [Revoked]
128Erection of signs [Revoked]
129Description of signs [Revoked]
130Use of reflective material or illumination [Revoked]
131Support for traffic signs [Revoked]
131ASigns on traffic signals or pedestrian poles [Revoked]
131BCombination of signs [Revoked]
132Motor-vehicle reliability trials
133Driving hours for goods-service vehicle drivers [Revoked]
134Reporting of damage to other vehicles or property [Revoked]
135Coroner’s proceedings
136AStationary vehicle offences
136BMoving vehicle offences
137AAmount of goods and services tax excluded [Revoked]
138Revocations, savings, and amendments
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