Misuse of Drugs Regulations 1977

18 Special authority for captains of aircraft


The person in charge of any aircraft for the time being within the territorial limits of New Zealand, and any person acting under his or her directions and on his or her behalf, may possess, import, export, and, in any case where the administration of a controlled drug is expedient for the purpose of treating a sick or injured person in an emergency, administer to that person any controlled drug authorised or required to be carried on the aircraft by any law to which that aircraft is subject, and lawfully supplied to him or her.


Nothing in subclause (1) shall authorise the person for the time being in charge of any aircraft or any other person—


to possess controlled drugs elsewhere than on the aircraft of which the first-mentioned person is for the time being in charge, except while the controlled drugs are being conveyed from the place where they were procured by either of those persons to that aircraft or while the aircraft is being surveyed, examined, or overhauled; or


to import, export, administer, or otherwise use controlled drugs except for the purpose of treating sick or injured persons in an emergency.