New Zealand Railways Corporation (Staff) Regulations 1982

Reprint as at 7 August 2020

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

New Zealand Railways Corporation (Staff) Regulations 1982

(SR 1982/46)

David Beattie, Governor-General

Order in Council

At the Government Buildings at Wellington this 15th day of March 1982

The Right Hon D MacIntyre presiding in Council


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

These regulations are administered by the Ministry of Transport.

Pursuant to the New Zealand Railways Corporation Act 1981, His Excellency the Governor-General, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, hereby makes the following regulations.


1Title and commencement
3Application for employment
4Documents required from candidates
5Documents required from candidates for temporary positions
6Temporary employment
7Minimum and maximum ages for engagement as a probationer
8Minimum educational qualifications
9Registration of candidates for employment
10Selection of candidates for employment
11Candidate’s rights
12Medical examination prior to engagement
13Candidates failing to take up employment when offered
14Candidates travelling to take up duty
15Employees to be members of a service organisation [Revoked]
16Relatives working together
17Period of probation
18Appointment to permanent staff
19Apprentices to attend day classes
20Corporation examinations
21Apprentices to provide stationery, etc
22Apprentices attending classes at educational institutions
23Attendances at night classes
24Apprentices to provide apparatus, etc
25Special leave for study at day classes
26Special leave provisions
27Voluntary attendance at classes at educational institutions outside normal working hours
28Trade training
29Corporation may dismiss apprentices
30Corporation may vary regulations
31Reimbursement of fees for classes at educational institutions
32Corporation’s authority
33Preparation of list of staff
34Order of seniority of salaried division
35Special promotion of members
36Order of seniority of general division
37Increments of pay and advancement from one grade to another
38General division members declining to accept promotion
39Members who are not to act in advanced capacity
40Advancement in class 4 conditional on passing controlling officers’ examination
41Corporation may advance certain members in class 4 who have not passed examination
42Promotion of temporary employees in salaried division
43Engineering staff
44Architectural staff
45Promotion of members from general division to class 4 of the salaried division
46Certain other promotions from general division to salaried division
47Promotion of signalman
48Promotion of leading freight operator and leading traffic operator
49Promotion of disabled employees to salaried division
50Rates of pay on promotion to salaried division
51Appointment as guard and senior shunter
52Appointment as signalman
53Corporation may waive or reduce service period
54Promotion to locomotive assistant
55Promotion to enginedriver
56Promotion to leading plumber
57Designation as a communications technician
58Interpretation and election of members
59Appointment of Secretary
60Institution of appeals
61Corporation to answer appeals
62Duties of Secretary to Appeal Board
63Promulgation of decisions of Board
64Right of appeal
65Adjournment of sittings
66Board to determine appeals
67Facilities for members attending sittings
68Witness resident at a distance
69Right of Board to fix costs
70Giving evidence from a distance
71Duties to be performed as specified
72Assignment of duties
73Employees to seek guidance
74Hours of duty
75Absence from duty
76Employees to attend for duty when instructed
77Employees to advise controlling officer when unable to attend for duty
78Employees to produce medical certificates
79Employees notifying address, change of address, or marital status
80Members and probationers to reside in locality specified by Corporation
81Members or probationers to transfer to locality specified by Corporation
82Conduct of employees
83Employees to be courteous
84Protection of Corporation property
85Employees forbidden to convert Corporation property to their own use
86Employees forbidden to solicit gratuities
87Employees forbidden to seek outside influence
88Employees not to divulge official information without authority
89Employees not to give testimonials
90Members, probationers, and apprentices not to engage in private employment
91Activities on public bodies
92Smoking on duty
93Intemperance of employees
94Procedure for laying complaints
95Employees to furnish explanation
96Corporation may institute inquiry
97Failure to perform duties
98Imposition of penalties
99Controlling officer to report employee
100Alternatives to dismissal
101Suspension of employee
102Notification of suspension of employees
103Payment of wages during suspension
104Suspension of employees not on duty
105Notification of penalty
106Forfeiture of privileges on dismissal
107Employees to report accidents sustained while on duty
108Employees not to expose themselves to danger
109Special allowances
110Gratuity instead of retiring leave
111Employees with war disabilities
112Allowances for war disabilities
113Allowances to cease
114Employees with defective vision or hearing
115Adjustments to allowances for defective vision or hearing
116Cessation of allowances for defective vision or hearing
117Expenses for families of employees transferred
118Corporation to determine what expenses shall be payable
119Expenses incurred by employees in connection with their duties
120Employees to produce evidence of entitlement to allowances or expenses
121Receipts required in support of claim
122Leave of absence subject to satisfactory conduct
123Misuse of leave of absence
124Emergency leave
125Debiting of emergency leave
126Special leave
127Promotion suspended while on special leave
128Retrospective grant of emergency leave or sick leave
129Revocation of grant of leave
130Corporation scholarships
131Special leave for employees attending university courses
132Free travel
133Travelling on duty
134Travel by air
135Authority needed for sleeping berths
136Use of private vehicles on Corporation business
137Employees not to sell free passes, etc
138Forfeiture of passes, etc
139Restrictions on use of free passes, etc
140Users of free passes, etc, to furnish evidence of identity on request
141Signature of person other than retired employee may be accepted in certain cases
142Free passes, etc, to be subject to conditions
143Free passes and free tickets for families of employees
144Stores free pass for spouse or housekeeper of an employee
145Free passes and free tickets for families of retiring employees
146Privilege tickets for employees’ families, retired employees and their families, and deceased employees’ families
147Conditions of occupation of Corporation premises, etc
148Notice to be given
149Corporation property to be returned
150Corporation may authorise when necessary
151Employees may be temporarily laid off in certain cases
152Particulars of employees dispensed with to be retained
153Re-employment of ex-employees
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