New Zealand Railways Corporation (General) Regulations 1982

30 Width of loads on combined bridges
  • (1) Every person about to operate on any combined bridge any vehicle that itself or the load whereon exceeds 2.5 metres in width shall—

    • (a) in the case of a combined bridge at which any railway employee is for the time being engaged in controlling traffic thereon, notify the employee of the width of the vehicle or its load and shall cross the combined bridge only when permission has been given by the employee:

    • (b) in the case of a combined bridge at which no such employee is for the time being so employed, take all necessary precautions against the possibility of collision with other traffic and of damage to the combined bridge:

      provided that no person shall operate on any such combined bridge any vehicle that itself, or together with the load that it is for the time being carrying, exceeds 3.3 metres in width; unless permission in writing is first obtained from a District Railway Engineer, which permission may be given subject to such conditions as the District Railway Engineer thinks fit to impose. The permission shall be signed by the District Railway Engineer or by some member of his staff or other person authorised by him in that behalf, and may apply to any particular trip or to any number of trips or to a specified period or periods, and may at any time be revoked or amended by any District Railway Engineer.

    (2) Every person operating a vehicle as aforesaid shall comply with all the conditions of the permission and no person shall operate the vehicle unless the permission is carried therein. The person driving the vehicle shall produce the permission when requested to do so by any authorised officer.