Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985

2 Interpretation
  • In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires,—

    Act means the Health Act 1956

    camp plan, in relation to any camping ground, means the plan required to be provided and kept under regulation 4

    camp site means any area within a camping ground set apart or available or used for the erection or placing thereon of a temporary living place

    camping ground means any area of land used, or designed or intended to be used, for rent, hire, donation, or otherwise for reward, for the purposes of placing or erecting on the land temporary living places for occupation, by 2 or more families or parties (whether consisting of 1 or more persons) living independently of each other, whether or not such families or parties enjoy the use in common of entrances, water supplies, cookhouses, sanitary fixtures, or other premises and equipment; and includes any area of land used as a camping ground immediately before the commencement of these regulations

    operator, in relation to any camping ground, means the person to whom a certificate of registration has been granted under regulation 3 in respect of the camping ground, or who is responsible for the daily management of the camping ground

    relocatable home means a structure comprising a group of rooms occupied or intended to be occupied either permanently or temporarily as the living quarters of a single housekeeping unit (whether consisting of 1 or more persons), which is completely self-contained in respect of domestic equipment and facilities and which is designed to be relocatable and is located in a camping ground; but does not include a tent

    relocatable home park means a camping ground used or intended to be used for relocatable homes, or an area of land within a camping ground used or intended to be used for relocatable homes

    remote camp site means a camping ground in a national park, State forest, State forest park, or public reserve, or on Crown land

    temporary living place means a cabin, caravan, vehicle, tent, or other building or structure intended for human habitation for periods not exceeding 50 days in any continuous term of occupancy.