Building Societies Regulations 1989

Form 1
Application for certificate of incorporation

Section 14, Building Societies Act 1965

To the Registrar of Building Societies

  • 1 I [full name and address], the intended secretary [or other officer] of the [proposed name of society], on behalf of the 20 (or more) persons whose names and addresses are set out below, hereby apply for a certificate of incorporation of the society.

  • 2 I enclose—

    • (a) 4 printed copies of the rules agreed upon by those persons for the government of the society, each copy being signed by those persons and by me:

  • 3 The matters required to be set out in the rules by section 17 of the Building Societies Act 1965 are set out in the enclosed rules, as shown in the rules check sheet.

  • 4 The prescribed fee for the first registration of rules of a society is attached to this application.

  • 5 The names and addresses of the persons whose signatures appear on the enclosed copies of the rules, and on whose behalf this application is made, are as follows:

Names                    Addresses


Signature and designation of intended secretary or other officer:


Address for reply: