Building Societies Regulations 1989

Form 3
Rules check sheet

rr 3(b), 4(4)

Sections 14, 19, Building Societies Act 1965

(To accompany any application for a certificate of incorporation or for registration of a complete set of rules)

Name of Society:

Section of Act A     Matters required to be provided forNo of rule

Name of the society

Address of registered office


Manner in which the funds of the society are to be raised


Classes of shares to be issued

Terms on which shares are to be issued

Terms (if any) on which shares may be withdrawn or surrendered

Manner in which payments for shares are to be made and contributions are to be paid by the members


Date on which, or the result on the attainment of which, the society is to terminate or any group is to terminate

Manner in which, on the termination of any group, the residual assets or liabilities are to be dealt with


Whether preferential shares are to be issued

Limits within which preferential shares are to be issued


Manner in which any ballots, tenders, or auctions for advances in terminating groups are to be conducted

Terms and conditions upon and subject to which rights to take up such advances may be exercised or surrendered


Manner in which losses are to be ascertained and provided for


Restrictions or prohibitions on the functions of the society


Restrictions or prohibitions on any powers, rights, or authorities of the society


Restrictions on the power of the society to borrow money


Restrictions on the power of the society to lend money


Restrictions on the power of the society to invest money


Manner in which membership is to cease


Manner of remunerating auditors

Manner of appointing, remunerating, and removing directors

Manner of appointing, remunerating, and removing other officers


Powers and duties of directors

Powers and duties of other officers


Provision for the custody of the mortgage instruments and other securities belonging to the society


Whether disputes between the society and any of its members, or any person claiming by or through a member, or under the rules, are to be settled by reference to the court or to arbitration


Fines to be imposed on members

Forfeitures to be imposed on members

Manner of disposal of fines and forfeitures in the accounts


Provision for the device, custody, and use of the common seal


Manner in which the society may be terminated or dissolved


Manner in which bonus ballots are to be conducted


Calling and holding of meetings


Right of members to requisition meetings


Manner in which notice of any resolutions to be moved at meetings is to be given to members


Procedure to be observed at meetings


Form of notice for the convening of a meeting

Manner of service of notice convening a meeting


Voting rights of members

Right to demand a poll

Manner in which a poll is to be taken


Where the society is incorporated after 1 January 1966, provision authorising the issue of paid up shares to founding members, in accordance with section 29(1)

*Terminating society only.
Section of Act B     Other mattersNo of rule

If any, the rules scheduling the forms of mortgage or other instruments

Section of Act C     Matters subject to voiding provisions of ActNo of rule

Method of alteration of rules (void if no requirement for a special resolution)


Notice of meeting of society (void if provision for shorter notice than 14 clear days, except for an adjourned meeting)


Time for receipt of proxy (void if proxy required to be received more than 72 hours before meeting or adjourned meeting)


Right to demand a poll (void if right excluded or if demand by not less than 10 members made ineffective)


Exemption of officers from liability (void if exemptions other than provided in the Act)