Marine Mammals Protection Regulations 1992

20 Special conditions applying to dolphins or seals

In addition to complying with the conditions set out in regulation 18, any commercial operation and any person coming into contact with dolphins or seals shall also comply with the following conditions:


no vessel shall proceed through a pod of dolphins:


persons may swim with dolphins and seals but not with juvenile dolphins or a pod of dolphins that includes juvenile dolphins:


commercial operators may use an airhorn to call swimmers back to the boat or to the shore:


except as provided in paragraph (c), no person shall make any loud or disturbing noise near dolphins or seals:


no vessel or aircraft shall approach within 300 metres (1 000 feet) of any pod of dolphins or herd of seals for the purpose of enabling passengers to watch the dolphins or seals, if the number of vessels or aircraft, or both, already positioned to enable passengers to watch that pod or herd is 3 or more:


where 2 or more vessels or aircraft approach an unaccompanied dolphin or seal, the masters concerned shall co-ordinate their approach and manoeuvres, and the pilots concerned shall co-ordinate their approach and manoeuvres:


a vessel shall approach a dolphin from a direction that is parallel to the dolphin and slightly to the rear of the dolphin.