Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Regulations 1994

  • This version was replaced on 1 November 2017 to make corrections to rules 10(5)(b), 51(1), and 54 under section 25(1)(j)(ii), and (k) of the Legislation Act 2012.
48 Labelling body to disseminate information


The labelling body shall take such steps as the Chief Censor may require to ensure that notice of the rating and description (if any) assigned by the labelling body to any film is disseminated to persons engaged in the production, distribution, public supply, or public exhibition of films.


Every notice required by subclause (1) shall be disseminated not later than 1 month after the rating is assigned to the film, and shall include the following details:


the title of the film:


the running time of the film:


the rating and description (if any) assigned to the film:


the date on which the labelling body issued the label in respect of the film.


Where, pursuant to this regulation, the labelling body is required to supply to any person a copy of any notice required by subclause (1), the labelling body may charge that person a fee for supplying that copy.


Any fee charged pursuant to subclause (3) for the supply to any person of a copy of a notice shall be no more than is reasonably required to recover the cost to the labelling body of making and supplying that copy.