Oranga Tamariki (Residential Care) Regulations 1996

  • Previous title has changed
9 Right to be given instructions verbally


Any direction, order, or other instruction given to any child or young person in a residence by any member of staff of the residence shall, where practicable, be given in words, and, except where it is necessary or appropriate that it be given in writing, shall be given orally.


Nothing in subclause (1) prevents the use of any picture or graphic display for the purposes of explanation or instruction, including any explanation required to be given to any child or young person pursuant to regulation 4 or regulation 17(3) or regulation 18(4) or section 384F of the Act.

Regulation 9(2): amended, on 18 July 2002, by regulation 6 of the Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Residential Care) Amendment Regulations 2002 (SR 2002/171).