Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999

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Version as at 1 December 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999

(SR 1999/100)


The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This rule is administered by the Ministry of Transport.

Pursuant to the Land Transport Act 1998, the Minister of Transport makes the following ordinary rule.


1Title and commencement
3Objective of rule
5ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
6Restrictions on granting of exemptions by Director [Revoked]
7Classes of licences
8Types of endorsements
9Manner of lodging application for driver licence, endorsement, or driver identification card
10Content of application
11Identification: application in person
11AIdentification: application online
12Images on driver licences and driver identification cards
12AStatements in applications made online
13Eyesight test
15Obtaining learner licence
16Conditions of learner licence
17Obtaining restricted licence
18Conditions of restricted licence
19Obtaining full licence
19BAccelerated licensing process: who may apply
19CForm of application
19DApproval to take part in accelerated licensing process
19ERevocation of approval
19FNotice of approval to commence stage 1
19GStage 1: preliminary assessment
19HStage 2: supervised driving with conditions
19IApplication to undertake stage 2 assessment
19JStage 2 assessment
19KStage 3: unsupervised driving with conditions
19LApplication to undertake exit assessment
19MExit assessment
19NObtaining Class 4 or Class 5 licence
20When dangerous goods endorsement required
21Obtaining dangerous goods endorsement
22When driving instructor endorsement required
23Obtaining driving instructor endorsement
24Vehicles in which driving instructor endorsement authorises instruction
25Holder of driving instructor endorsement must retain records of instruction provided and comply with requirements arising out of audits
26When passenger endorsement required
27Obtaining passenger endorsement
28When special-type vehicle endorsement required
29Obtaining special-type endorsement
30When testing officer endorsement required
31Obtaining testing officer endorsement
32Holder of testing officer endorsement must retain records of driver testing undertaken and comply with requirements arising out of audits
33When vehicle recovery endorsement required
34Obtaining vehicle recovery endorsement
35Criteria and procedure in relation to fit and proper person test
36Application for driver identification card
37Driver identification card property of Agency
38Eyesight testing
39Medical declaration
40Special medical examination
41Requirements of medical examination
42Powers of Director
43Advice of right to appeal
44Medical certificates
44AObligations of person who issues medical certificate
44BApplicants may be referred for on-road safety test
45Theory tests required
46Standard for passing theory test
47Theory test to be conducted by licensing agent or testing officer
48Practical skills tests required
49On-road safety test
49ATransitional provision for applicants 80 years and over applying for driver licence
50Practical driving test not to be completed using certain vehicles
51Standard for passing practical test
52Persons who may conduct practical driving tests
52APractical driving test may be terminated
53Applicant for more than 1 class of licence
54Certification test for testing officer
55Person taking test must produce identification
56Conditions relating to physical disability
57Condition imposed on Class 1R licence in relation to driving motor vehicle with automatic transmission
57ATransitional provision for condition relating to automatic transmission vehicle
58Removal of condition relating to automatic transmission
59Condition relating to automatic transmission not to apply in certain circumstances
60Period of validity of driver licence
61Period of validity of endorsement
62Features to verify and protect licence integrity
63Form of driver licence
64Form of temporary driver licence
65Form of driver identification card
66Form of “L” plate
67Renewal of driver licence
67AReinstatement of driver licence with respect to those who have been disqualified for more than 12 months after end of disqualification
67BReinstatement of driver licence after end of suspension for any period (other than under section 95 of Act) or disqualification for a period of not more than 12 months
67CReinstatement of driver licence when there is no alcohol interlock licence or zero alcohol licence in force
68Special provision relating to person who is overseas, or in prison or hospital [Revoked]
69Renewal of endorsement
70Renewal of passenger, vehicle recovery, driving instructor, testing officer, or dangerous goods endorsement
71Renewal of special-type endorsement
72Special provision relating to person overseas, or in prison or hospital [Revoked]
73Renewal of driver identification card
74Replacement of driver licence or driver identification card if lost, stolen, etc
75Replacement of driver licence or driver identification card if surrendered
76Discovery of replaced licence or driver identification card
77Requirements for tests, medical examinations, and approved courses
78Requirement to be in notice
79Obligations on person required to undertake test or medical examination, or complete approved course
80Suspending driver licence for medical reasons
81Suspension of endorsements
82Revocation of driver licence or endorsement
83Suspension and revocation of endorsements
84Surrender of driver identification card that has been suspended or revoked
85Voluntary surrender of driver licence or endorsement
85AReinstatement of surrendered driver licence or endorsement
86Replacement of driver licence or endorsement revoked on medical grounds
87Licence may not be renewed while licence suspended or holder disqualified
88Recognition of overseas driver licence or permit
88ARecognition of overseas agricultural motor vehicle licence or permit
89Obtaining New Zealand driver licence
89ARequirements not applying to overseas drivers
90New Zealand driver licence may be subject to learner or restricted conditions
91Requirements for diplomatic and consular personnel
92Obtaining International Driving Permit
93Director may approve courses
94Requirements for approval of course
95Application for approval of course
96Approval of course
97Director may consent to modification of course
98Director may revoke course approval
99Director may approve course providers
100Requirements for approval as course provider
101Application for approval as course provider
102Approval as course provider
103Director may revoke or suspend approval of course provider
104Prohibition on display of “L” plate except in appropriate circumstances
105Prohibition on defacing, etc, driver licence or driver identification card
106Equivalent class or type of driver licences and endorsements
107Holder of certificate of approval or provisional certificate of approval as driving instructor
108Holder of approval as testing officer
109Holder of hazardous substances endorsement
110Forklift drivers
111Conditions continue in force
112Expiry of driver licences, etc
113Obtaining new driver licence
114Additional requirements relating to issue of passenger endorsements
115Additional requirements relating to issue of vehicle recovery endorsement
116Person holding more than 1 class of licence
117Person issued with learner or restricted licence
118Provision relating to time for which licence held
119Period of validity of licences issued under this Part [Revoked]
120Period of validity of endorsements issued under this Part
121Person disqualified or holding expired or suspended driver licence not required to have held learner or restricted licence
122P, I, O, and V endorsements may be re-issued for 12 months
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