Fisheries (Total Allowable Catches) Notice 1999

  • revoked
  • Fisheries (Total Allowable Catches) Notice 1999: revoked, on 29 September 2015, by clause 9(1) of the Fisheries (Total Allowable Catch, Total Allowable Commercial Catch, and Deemed Value Rates) Notice 2015 (LI 2015/211).
2 Interpretation

In this notice, unless the context otherwise requires,—


the quota management areas referred to by reference number in the Schedule are the quota management areas described in Schedule 2 of the Fisheries (Quota Management Areas Total Allowable Catches, and Catch Histories) Notice 1986 (SR 1986/267), and where 2 or more quota management areas are shown as combined in respect of any species, the combined areas together comprise 1 quota management area for that species:


references to fishstock codes are references to the fishstock codes specified in table 1 of Schedule 2 of the Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 1990 (SR 1990/214).