Weights and Measures Regulations 1999

Form 7 Certificate of accuracy (in label form) issued by an accredited person

r 22(1)(e)

Name of accredited person:

Logo of accredited person*:


[Note: The name and logo (if any) of the accredited person may occupy not more than 30% of the label.]

Examined and tested by an accredited person. Complies with the requirements of regulation 20 of the Weights and Measures Regulations 1999.

This certificate of accuracy expires on [insert date].

[Note: The statement of the expiry date of the certificate of accuracy must occupy at least 40% of the label.]

Personal identifier of person issuing the certificate:

[Note: The personal identifier of the person issuing the certificate of accuracy may occupy not more than 10% of the label.]


A certificate of accuracy in label form may not be issued in respect of—


any weight; or


any measure of length that is not fixed within any case or other container to which the certificate might be affixed.

**This note is for information only and is not to be included in a certificate of accuracy.