Animal Products (Exemptions and Inclusions) Order 2000

11D Whitebait


No risk management programme is required in respect of their whitebait-related activities by persons who—


catch or harvest whitebait from the natural environment; and


provide limited processing, such as chilling, washing, and storage, to maintain the whitebait in a condition fit for human consumption; and


sell whitebait for consumption or processing.


In this clause, whitebait means—


the young or fry of the following Galaxias species:


Galaxias maculatus (inanga):


Galaxias brevipinnis (koaro):


Galaxias argenteus (giant kokopu):


Galaxias postvectis (short jawed kokopu):


Galaxias fasciatus (banded kokopu):


the young or fry of the fish (commonly known as smelt) whose scientific name is Retropinna retropinna.

Clause 11D: inserted, on 19 May 2005, by clause 4 of the Animal Products (Exemptions and Inclusions) Amendment Order 2005 (SR 2005/103).