Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2001

  • revoked
  • Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2001: revoked, on 1 October 2017, by regulation 52 of the Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2017 (LI 2017/154).

Reprint as at 1 October 2017

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2001

(SR 2001/188)

Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2001: revoked, on 1 October 2017, by regulation 52 of the Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2017 (LI 2017/154).

Silvia Cartwright, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 23rd day of July 2001

The Right Hon Helen Clark presiding in Council


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

These regulations are administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Pursuant to section 297(1)(h) of the Fisheries Act 1996, Her Excellency the Governor-General, acting on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council, makes the following regulations.


4Kinds of returns
5Catch, effort, and landing returns
6Catch landing returns
7Monthly harvest returns
8Freshwater eel catch effort returns
9Freshwater eel catch landing returns
10Paua catch effort landing returns
11Trawl catch, effort, and processing returns
11ALining catch effort return
11BNetting catch effort landing returns
11CLining trip catch effort return
11DTrawl catch effort return
11ENon-fish and protected species catch return
12Squid jigging catch effort returns
13Tuna longlining catch effort returns
14Client details annual update form
15Licensed fish receiver details annual update form
16Licensed fish receiver returns
17Annual stocktake for purpose of providing annual inventory return
18Licensed fish receivers must provide annual inventory returns
19Chief executive may require further annual inventory returns
20Licensed fish receiver must be audited and provide annual audit reports
21Licensed fish receiver must appoint suitably qualified person as auditor
22Contents of audit report
23Audit reports for multiple premises
24Licensed fish receiver must sign off audit report
25Licensed fish receiver must provide rectification report if appropriate
26Audit report, etc, must be provided to chief executive within 21 days after receipt from auditor
26AChief executive may grant exemption from requirement to provide audit report
27Chief executive may waive requirements in certain cases
28Separate returns required for each vessel or method
29Return books supplied by chief executive
30Return books must be used for providing returns
31Return books must be kept on vessel, etc
32Chief executive may authorise computer printouts instead of standard returns
33Chief executive may authorise returns to be sent to different place
34Duplicate returns must be retained for 7 years
35Inspection of returns
36Method of entering certain details on return
37Use of codes for certain entries
38Further provisions relating to use of codes for certain entries
39Chief executive may give directions as to manner of completing returns
40Chief executive may specify different intervals, periods, or dates for completing or providing returns
41Chief executive may waive requirements in certain cases
41BApplication of this Part
41CApproval as authorised user
41DObligations on authorised user
41EChief executive may direct
41FAlternative requirements may be specified
41GFailure of electronic software
41HChief executive may cancel or vary approval of authorised user
41IApplication by permit holder to cancel or vary approval
41JConsequences of cancellation or variation of approval
41KChief executive to issue access identifiers
41LUse of access identifier
41MRequirements for electronic software
41NApproval of electronic software
Gazette Information
Reprint notes