Radiocommunications Regulations 2001

9 Grant of general user radio licence


The chief executive may, from time to time, grant a general user radio licence of a particular class, being a category and type of radiocommunication service.


The chief executive must make a copy of the radio licence available on an Internet site maintained by or on behalf of the chief executive.


The chief executive must publish a notice of the grant of the radio licence in the Gazette within 10 working days after the date of the grant.


The notice must specify (at a minimum)—


the frequencies or range of frequencies to which the licence applies; and


the commencement date of the licence; and


the class of licence; and


the address of the Internet site on which the full general user radio licence is made available under subclause (2).


General user radio licences grant every person the right to transmit radio waves on any frequency specified in the licence.

Regulation 9: replaced, on 1 February 2015, by regulation 6 of the Radiocommunications Amendment Regulations 2014 (LI 2014/374).