Family Court Rules 2002

  • Previous title has changed
416ZA Memoranda filed in advance of directions conference


Not later than 5 working days before the date of a directions conference (or within any other period specified by a Registrar),—


the parties must file a joint memorandum, in the approved form, that addresses the matters in subclause (2); or


if a joint memorandum cannot be agreed, each party must file, and serve on the other parties, a separate memorandum, in the approved form, that addresses the matters in subclause (2).


The matters referred to in subclause (1) are as follows:


the issues (if any) that have been settled between the parties:


the issues in dispute to be determined at the hearing:


a chronology of relevant events:


a list of affidavits filed by the party or parties and that the party or parties intend to rely on:


whether the party or parties wish the court to request, under section 133 of the Act, the preparation of a cultural, medical, psychiatric, or psychological report:


whether the party or parties wish to obtain the approval of the court under section 133(10) of the Act for a second opinion on a report requested by the court under that section:


the evidence proposed to be tendered at the hearing, including the identification and availability of any witness:


a proposed timetable for filing and serving evidence:


which (if any) orders made or directions given in the proceedings—


have been complied with; or


have not been complied with, and the reasons for non-compliance.

Rule 416ZA: inserted, on 31 March 2014, by rule 42 of the Family Courts Amendment Rules (No 2) 2014 (LI 2014/4).