Trade Marks Regulations 2003

Amendment of documents

11 Request to amend documents


A request under section 194 of the Act to amend an application, notice, or document must—


be in writing; and


contain the information specified in subclause (2); and


be signed by the person making it.


The request must contain the following information:


the name and address for service of the person requesting the amendment:


if that person has an agent, the agent’s name:


details of the application, notice, or document to be amended:


details of the amendment.


A request to amend a document that is a pleading within the meaning of regulation 11A(1) must comply with this regulation and regulation 11A.

Regulation 11(3): inserted, on 29 April 2013, by regulation 5 of the Trade Marks Amendment Regulations 2013 (SR 2013/49).