Overseas Investment Regulations 2005

69F Information required in applications for consent


For the purpose of section 23(1)(c) of the Act, an application for consent must contain the following information (unless the information is not relevant to the relevant application or it is not practicable for the applicant to provide the information):


details of the investor as follows:


full ownership details, including information relating to all direct and indirect beneficial owners:


full control details, including decision-making delegations and formal or informal management arrangements:


details of the investment as follows:


full details of the transaction or transactions for which consent is sought:


advice commissioned by the applicant and prepared by third parties relating to the proposed application:


vendor information, including the current operations and state of the investment:


details of the land (if relevant) as follows:


information relating to any fresh or seawater areas present on or adjacent to the relevant land:


a description of the relevant sensitivities of the land:


a legal description of the relevant land:


submissions addressing all of the relevant criteria of consent:


the tax information prescribed in regulation 69D.


See also regulation 13 (which relates to fresh or seawater areas) and regulation 69D (which relates to tax).


See also regulation 34(2) if an application is made but rejected.

Regulation 69F: inserted, on 24 November 2021, by regulation 7 of the Overseas Investment (Fresh or Seawater Areas and Time Frames) Amendment Regulations 2021 (LI 2021/330).