National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan Order 2005

  • revoked
  • National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan Order 2005: revoked, on 1 December 2015, by clause 5 of the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan Order 2015 (LI 2015/140).

CDEM Groups

19 Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups (CDEM Groups)


CDEM Groups—


integrate and co-ordinate civil defence emergency management planning and activity; and


respond to and manage the adverse effects of emergencies in their areas; and


are controlled by the Director or the National Controller during a state of national emergency.


Each CDEM Group—


is a committee of elected representatives of local authorities in the region covered by the CDEM Group; and


is supported by chief executives, hazard plans, EOCs and staff, and the involvement of communities of interest at all levels; and


has established cross-boundary agreements with other CDEM Groups; and


can be viewed as a consortium of local authorities, emergency services, and others delivering civil defence emergency management in a co-ordinated manner according to their group plans and their community outcome process.


During a civil defence emergency, cross-boundary consultation may occur between group controllers, elected representatives, or group controllers and elected representatives. Another CDEM Group may declare a state of local emergency if it is necessary to do so to support another area where a state of local emergency is in force.


CDEM Groups may be asked by the National Controller to activate their civil defence emergency management arrangements in support of—


their own area, if they are not already active; or


another area; or


a national-level civil defence emergency, whether or not a declaration of a state of emergency has been made and irrespective of the type of emergency.