National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan Order 2005

  • revoked
  • National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan Order 2005: revoked, on 1 December 2015, by clause 5 of the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan Order 2015 (LI 2015/140).
18 General responsibilities


The Act puts responsibilities on specified agencies. These responsibilities include, at times of emergency, being able to—


function to the fullest possible extent even though this may be at a reduced level; and


respond to the emergency as required.


The Act requires all government agencies, local authorities, emergency services, and lifeline utilities to—


plan for functioning during and after an emergency; and


be capable of continuing to function to the fullest extent possible (albeit at a reduced level).


All agencies are expected to develop, review, and improve their emergency plans. Respective emergency-related roles may be detailed in The Guide.


Agencies may have obligations under their own legislation to deal with hazards and consequences. The Act and this plan do not affect these obligations.


Non-governmental organisations do not have specific responsibilities under the Act but this plan acknowledges their importance in a civil defence emergency. The principal mechanism for the national co-ordination of non-governmental organisations with other agencies in response and recovery is via the NWRCG or through other relevant clusters.