Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Complaints Service and Standards Committees) Regulations 2008

11 Publication of information regarding outcomes and performance of complaints service
  • The annual report furnished to the Minister under section 76 of the Act must include the following information relating to the outcomes and performance of the complaints service:

    • (a) the number of complaints received during the year; and

    • (b) the outcomes of complaints in general terms, and in particular—

      • (i) the number of complaints where a decision to take no action has been made:

      • (ii) the number of complaints referred to and resolved by negotiation, conciliation, or mediation:

      • (iii) the number of complaints where orders were made pursuant to section 156 or 157 of the Act:

      • (iv) the number of complaints where a decision was made to refer the matter to the Disciplinary Tribunal pursuant to section 152(2)(a) of the Act; and

    • (c) the number of outstanding complaints at the conclusion of the relevant year.

    Compare: 2006 No 1 s 131(d)