Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

  • Warning: Some amendments have not yet been incorporated
  • Editorial changes made in regulation 32(1)(e)(i) on 1 February 2022 under section 87(l)(i) of the Legislation Act 2019, and in regulations 6(3)(b), 7, 8, 11(1)(c), and 13(c) on 25 March 2022 under section 87(l)(iii), and (iv) of the Legislation Act 2019.

Temporary relocation licence

18 Grant of temporary relocation licence


The Secretary may grant a temporary relocation licence for any licensed early childhood service (other than a home-based education and care service) if, and only if,—


the service provider needs to temporarily relocate the service to other premises (whether because of renovations to the premises usually occupied or otherwise); and


the new premises either—


comply with the premises and facilities standard set out in regulation 45; or


do not comply with that standard but are likely to comply with any condition imposed by the Secretary under subclause (2).


The Secretary may impose any condition he or she considers appropriate in respect of a temporary relocation licence (including conditions of varying duration in relation to different conditions).


Unless earlier cancelled or suspended, every temporary relocation licence remains in force for the period specified in the licence (being a date no later than 10 months from the date of issue of that licence).


While any temporary relocation licence remains in force, any other licence held by the service provider in respect of that service is not in force.

Regulation 18(1)(b)(i): amended, on 1 February 2009, by regulation 10 of the Education (Early Childhood Services) Amendment Regulations 2009 (SR 2009/5).