Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

56 Ill-treatment of children


In order to ensure that the standards set out in this Part are complied with, the service provider of a licensed service and any educator who provides education and care for a licensed home-based education and care service must comply with subclause (2) if the service provider or educator has reasonable grounds to believe that a person employed or engaged in the service, or any other person,—


has physically ill-treated or abused a child or committed a crime against children; or


in guiding or controlling a child, has subjected the child to solitary confinement, immobilisation, or deprivation of food, drink, warmth, shelter, or protection.


The service provider and the educator must ensure that—


the person is excluded from coming into contact with the children participating in the service or, as the case requires, the children being educated by the educator; and


if satisfied that it is necessary to do so to ensure that no child is ill-treated, ensure that the person is excluded from the service and does not enter or remain in any premises where the service is provided while it is being provided, or as the case requires, is excluded from the home and does not enter it or remain in it while the educator is providing education and care.