Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

20A Requirements for premises of centre and hospital-based education and care service


Before granting any licence for a centre or hospital-based education and care service, the Secretary must be satisfied that the premises comply with this regulation.


The premises must—


be situated on a single site; and


be for the exclusive use of the centre or the hospital-based education and care service.


If the premises comprise 2 or more components,—


each component must be immediately adjacent and connected to at least 1 other component; and


children must have safe access to each component.


In this regulation,—

component means any land or building that forms part of the premises

premises means the premises from which the centre will operate, or from which the hospital-based education and care service will be provided.

Regulation 20A: inserted, on 1 July 2011, by regulation 7 of the Education (Early Childhood Services) Amendment Regulations 2011 (SR 2011/198).